Culinary Inspo For Fall


We are all used to our home kitchens by now, considering how much time we’ve been spending in them since the spring. Culinary inspiration might be in short supply right about now, and we don’t want you getting stuck in a rut. So, as the weather chills out for real and we contemplate many more home cooked meals from our cozy kitchens, take a moment to inject some inspo into your menu.

Recently, two great Canadian chefs were given plain yogurt and asked to create new and exciting recipes for fall. You won’t believe what they came up with.



Montreal’s Jeremie Falissard created a buttermilk fried chicken with Ranch on a homemade brioche bun – and used yogurt in every component of the dish.

Yogurt instead of buttermilk for the marinade, yogurt Ranch, and yogurt in the brioche dough.

Big twist – instead of actual chicken he used wild mushrooms! The result is a stunner.


Toronto’s Suzanne Barr looked at cheesecake and said, hey, I can do better! She created a cheesecake with yogurt mixed in with the traditional cream cheese, making for a lighter take on the classic.


Big twist – she made a compote out of caramelized parsnips to serve it with. Talk about fall flavours!

Read the full story here and get inspired.


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