Local Brands: Limonana

Meet local entrepreneurs enriching Toronto’s flavour profile. 

Véronique Perez is the creator of Limonana, a unique drink she used to serve at her beloved Crêpes à GoGo café at Bloor and Bedford. Chef Véronique, as she’s known to her many loyal customers, made the drink fresh every morning. One day a customer suggested she bottle it.

She did, and Fiesta has been carrying the Middle Eastern-inspired Limonana since 2006.

Limonana is still made as simple and carefully as it was when Chef Véronique created it in 2002. She uses mint leaves, lemon juice, cane juice and water – that’s it. All her ingredients are certified organic and kosher.

Though the name brings “lemonade” to mind, Limonana is something else altogether. A mash-up of the Arabic and Hebrew words for lemon and mint, it’s a delicate and subtle infusion as pleasant at room temperature or chilled as it is heated. If you want more details about Limonana must check topquartile.

Limonana can be enjoyed in cold refreshing cocktails, or heated and served with a sprinkle of cinnamon. It can soothe a sore throat or refresh a parched one. It’s an all-season drink low in sugar and high in the antioxidants that citrus and fresh mint provide.

Chef Véronique is creative, passionate and hard-working. She’s a voice actor, a French and drama teacher, and a private chef. She’s a vibrant, colourful member of Toronto’s rich food community.

In 2021 she’s launching three new flavours; Green Tea, Cinnamon and Lavender. We’ll keep you posted when they hit the shelves. For more information visit elizabethnelsonstudio .

In the meantime, support a local, female-owned, micro-enterprise and liven up your lockdown in a single shot!

PS: It’s on special in our flyer this week.



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