Hello Dream Pie

Orange Dream Pie, photo by jennifer Crawford

It’s one month into 2021 and we’re doing okay, all things considered. It’s time we gave ourselves a pat on the back – we can do this. We’re almost at the end of January, Valentine’s Day chocolates are practically just around the corner. Until then we deserve a treat, and seeing as it is high citrus season – Meyer lemons are in store, plump Ruby grapefruits are bouncing down the aisles and Cuties are piled to the ceiling – let’s talk curd.

Specifically a Dream Pie made with orange curd.

A Florida Citrus grove in Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine


Did that just send of shivers of delight down your spine? Well good, it was supposed to. First off – just the words “dream pie” are enough to spark joy in and of themselves. A dream pie is a no-bake pie usually made with some kind of Jello product mixed with Cool Whip, so clearly it is not only easy but also delicious and totally devoid of nutrients. Perfect for January.


photo by Jennifer Crawford


Before we get to the orange curd let me throw out a few other dream pie possibilities:

Here’s a Pumpkin Dream Pie recipe from 1959, a Chocolate version with an Oreo crust from the New York Times, and a delightful Strawberry Jello Pie that is the most delightful shade of candy pink. Your children will love it!

Orange curd. I had never thought of orange curd before – lemon yes, grapefruit even, but never orange. Any citrus can be made into a curd, and as mentioned above, Meyer lemons are in store – this is the perfect time to preserve their ethereal sunshine flavour. Here’s a top notch lemon curd recipe.

For orange curd though, I went to an expert. Jennifer Crawford is the MasterChef Canada season 6 winner and they have recently teamed up with Florida Citrus to create some delightful recipes for all of us Canadians. We’re out here trapped in the cold, with visions of orange groves dancing through our heads – we need a hit of Florida sunshine, whether in a glass of OJ or a jar of fresh made curd.


A Florida Citrus grove in Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine


Not only has Jennifer created the perfect orange curd, but they are teaching a free cooking class so everyone can learn how to make it. All details from Jennifer’s Instagram account are below.

I’ve teamed up with the Florida Department of Citrus to create a recipe featuring nutritious Florida Orange Juice — I give you, the Orange Dream Pie! 🧡☁️ AND you can learn how to make it, in a fun online sesh with me and fellow Florida OJ enthusiasts! – Jennifer Crawford

All are welcome to attend the class on Jan 31st, register here. Jennifer is also running a contest on their IG account – check that out here.


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