The Wonderful World of Bean Dips

Be brave like Joan of Arc – make a bean dip.

We all need more recipes that we can make quickly, that require no cooking and that fulfill some amount of healthiness. Enter the bean dip. Literally open a can chock full of life-giving nutrients, give it a blitz in the food processor and you are set for life – well, if not life, then at least lunch.

Are you feeling lackluster? It is midwinter and a notoriously soul draining time of year. In the words of the immortal Cher – “Snap out of it!” and in the words of us, Toronto’s largest family owned grocer – “go make this bean dip!”

You need nutrients and deliciousness with ease. We got you covered babe.

First up let us look at black bean dip – this recipe from Once Upon A Chef uses jalapeños, cilantro and cumin for a spicy mix that is going to put you in mind of sunnier days. They are coming. This is the toughest point of the winter – New Year’s Eve a distant memory, and the box of chocolates has not yet arrived for V Day. This is the boring blah of wintertime. Make a black bean dip – taste the sunshine.


Go to It’s Not Complicated for this incredible recipe


Now this red kidney bean dip by It’s Not Complicated is a stunner – just look at that beautiful pink colour, who wouldn’t want to dig in? And it’s so easy. Guess how much protein is in one can of kidney beans? Take a guess I’ll wait.

It’s a lot. Trust me.

Kidney beans are among the best sources of plant-based protein. They’re also rich in healthy fibers. Kidney beans are a good source of several vitamins and minerals, such as molybdenum, folate, iron, copper, manganese, potassium, and vitamin K1. – a very reliable bean health blog

Now, you might not know this but there is a secret to red bean dip – any bean dip really. One single ingredient that will take your bean dip from 0 to 50! Are you ready?

No. I don’t think you’re ready. Let’s look at white beans first.



White beans love lemon, so where better to source a dip than from the beautiful Love and Lemons blog. This recipe includes fresh lemon juice, and the all important zest. Rosemary and basil are suggested, but really any herb will do. Because the only thing white beans love more than lemons are fresh green herbs. Chives, thyme, parsley, dill – chuck it all in.

There is hummus of course. We’re not going to cover hummus today because the whole idea behind this post is to put some light in your eyes, to give you inspiration. You need a new dip recipe for chickpeas. Enter muhammara. Which does not contain chickpeas.

Muhammara is a hearty walnut and roasted red pepper dip. The word muhammara is from the Arabic word ahmar, which literally means red. This red dip is originally from the Syrian city of Aleppo. – The Mediterranean Dish

We’re going to suggest making a traditional muhammara and adding chickpeas. This is not to disrespect the original, but to add beans to it in order to fulfill the requirements of this post, which is all about bean dips, and to add some bulk turning a red pepper dip into a red pepper bean dip and making it a meal.

And now, do you feel as though you might be ready to learn of the one ingredient that adds so much to a bean dip? If you have a dip recipe that is simply garlic, herbs, salt, pepper and oil – you can add DRUM ROLL PLEASE…



Yes. It’s vinegar.

Red wine, apple cider (we love Bragg Organic!), sherry, white wine – you will be amazed at the depth and nuance it brings to a simple puree of beans. Add it in, one tablespoon at a time, to your liking. You will actually be awestruck. We promise!

Get out of bed, make a bean dip, and then get back into bed. Bean dip is perfect for eating in bed or in front of the TV, or while laying on the floor, or in the tub.

You might be feeling lost and bored and a little bit wan, bean dip will help. We swear.


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