Sophia Roe appreciates the true beauty of the humble cabbage, why don’t the rest of us?

Cabbage gets no respect. It is possibly the most versatile veggie in existence and yet it doesn’t get nearly as much love as the carrot or the broccoli. Come on people – let’s show the cabbage some love.

Today it’s all about the killer cabbage content.

First, check out Sophia Roe over at Munchies taking you through a cabbage primer – green cabbage slaw with sunflower seeds and braised red cabbage with apples and cinnamon.

“You can make something absolutely scrumptious with cabbage.” – Sophia Roe

How about Southern Fried Cabbage with sausage and bacon? Hell yeah! Check out this sizzling video with Aaron “AB” Brown:


And perhaps you want something a little more soigné for dinner this evening? We got you covered, check out Matty Matheson’s Butter Roasted Cabbage Steak with Sabayon. You’ll never look at cabbage the same way again.



And finally, let’s go talk to Mama. Make your own kimchi with beautiful cabbage in this step by step process by Mama Lee from Toronto’s Kimchi Korea House!


Yes. Cabbage.

You’re welcome.



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