Daylight Savings & Dumplings

Dumplings and Bao by @kerryeatsworld


We have all lived through the strangest year of our lives. We have faced untold horrors – having to cook for ourselves day and night, having the kids underfoot 24-7! Not to mention job loss, economic uncertainty, and political insanity.

We are ready for spring!


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This Sunday we’ll spring ahead once more. And whether you’re a fan of Daylight Savings or not – the extra does of glorious sunshine is very welcome indeed. This weekend we can all take a moment to welcome the sun and prepare for spring. The best way to do that is with dumplings.

Why dumplings you ask. Why not chicken noodle soup or tofu scramble or poutine?

Because dumplings are delicious, they are fun to make, but best of all, they are wonderful to order in. Toronto has some of the best dumplings in the world. Our nickname should be Dumpling Town!



First, if you want to make your own, head over to Madame Huang for baked char siu bao at her newly revamped blog. The James Beard nominee has a memoir coming out, you can pre-order it here.

For an excellent video tutorial, check out this one from Souped Up Recipes that demos five different dumpling fillings:



Making dumplings from scratch is a life affirming process. You will feel better for it.

Of course, times being what they are, you may not feel up to it. And the only way to jumpstart your heart is to order in. No judgment. We highly recommend ordering hot and delicious dumplings asap.

Dumpling House on Spadina is known for its fried dumplings, with their lacy crisp edges – the fried pork and chive is most popular, and the spinach and mushroom is excellent too. Their steamed pork and celery dumplings are divine.


Hakka Sui Mai at Alma


Mother’s Dumplings, across the street and a block away, makes a delicious fried shrimp, egg and chive dumpling, as well as a steamed melon and tofu dumpling. At Alma on Bloor, chef Anna Chen makes steamed Hakka sui mai and pork and pea leaf wontons. Every one of these restaurants offers their dumplings fresh cooked or frozen. Order both so that you always have a supply on hand.

Also, do not forget momos, the Tibetan dumpling that is the unofficial official dish of Parkdale. Check out Loga’s Corner and Tsampa Tibetan Restaurant for some of the best momos this side of Nepal.

And go follow Kerry Lee (@kerryeatsworld) on IG for life affirming food photography and dumpling images that will brighten your day!

Spring is coming! Eat dumplings to prepare. And stay positive, we’re all going to be dancing in the streets very soon.


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