Our Proud Producers: Good Wheel Pizza


A young Toronto knifemaker couldn’t find a frozen pizza that was delicious enough to suit him, so he started making his own. Alex Commons experienced a sharp drop (pun intended) in business when the pandemic hit. The free time led to a pizza obsession. We’re excited to support the results of that obsession, and showcase another in Our Proud Producers series –  Good Wheel frozen pizzas, made by Alex and his brother Jordan.


all photos by Toronto Life

photo courtesy of Toronto Life


The two spent a long time testing recipes, tasting marinara and pepperoni, before finally landing on what they think is the perfect frozen pizza. And so does Toronto Life, who featured them earlier this month.



The brothers created a pizza with a sourdough crust, a top secret marinara, and toppings like a pesto-studded Margerhita or a pineapple and lardon Hot Hawaiian. “The thick-ish sourdough crust is really something. Made with a blend of 00 (double-zero) flours, the crust has a remarkable spring and tang that’s uncanny for a product that’s been par-cooked, frozen and reheated. A three-day fermentation, first at room temperature and then cold, is the secret sauce.” reports Toronto Life.

The offerings include the aforementioned plus, “the Hot and Honey, Ionian (pickled eggplant, spinach, feta, sesame) and good old pepperoni.”



As the brothers say on their website, “We want to create a world where frozen pizza is exciting, regardless of your proximity to an incredible pizzeria, and we’re pretty confident you’ll like what we bring to the table.”

Good Wheel pizza is not only about pizza though – they make chocolate chip cookies too. Pick up a few frozen pies the next time you’re in the store, and a batch of cookies, and you’ll have all the makings for a great pizza party at home.

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