We Heart Farmers


While we enjoy the bounty of beautiful tomatoes, corn, watermelon and so much more coming in from the fertile soil of this province we call home, it’s time to thank the farmers.

We got an inquiry from a customer the other day asking about fresh turkeys (details to come…) and that got us thinking about Thanksgiving. And that led to thinking about thanks. What better time to indulge in a little farmer love than right now, at the absolute height of abundance while we’re stilled suntanned and loose after a summer of more freedom than we’ve had in a very long time.



We all know local produce tastes better, but buying it also supports the local community and protects precious farmland from being scooped up by developers. The best way to thank farmers is to buy local. And we know y’all know that, why else would you be reading a grocery store blog if you weren’t already a highly discerning shopper? But it bears repeating and remembering. Every single person who works in food – from chefs to bakers to fishmongers and farmhands – is struggling to get back on their feet. So buying local is maybe more important than it’s ever been.


That’s why at Fiesta Farms we partner with organizations like Local Food Plus. We encourage everyone to go big on local products. And we’ll be sharing info about fresh turkeys very soon. But for now, enjoy the long weekend and the final days of summertime.


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