Turkey Time

Contributed by Chris Ciborowski (Fiesta’s Head Butcher) and Louise Boultbee

Tis the season for Turkey and we at Fiesta are standing by ready to be of service in making your Thanksgiving meal something delicious.

Fiesta Farms staff stand ready to take your turkey order

Okay – here’s the way it works.

Keeping it cold equals premium freshness.

Once packaged, turkeys are chilled using cold, fresh water. Ice crystals may even form on the surface of the turkey or the packaging as they go through this deep chilling process. Although it may appear as if the bird has been previously frozen, that is not the case. Fiesta Farm’s fresh turkeys are never frozen. Period.

Keep in mind – Turkeys are a natural product so sizes may vary. Our team in the Meat Department will do our best to cater to your needs with the sizes and options we have to offer.

So…let’s talk turkey – for real!

Grade A Turkeys: Our conventional birds from Belwoods Country Premium are raised on a high-quality, grain-based diet. Keeping their turkeys well-fed and cared for helps ensure a healthier flock, which also helps to reduce the need for antibiotics.

Rowe Farms: The Royce Family in Listowel, Ontario raises antibiotic free turkeys. With Rowe Farms’ long-term commitment to quality, it is no surprise Brent Royce received the Farm and Food Care Champion Award.

Fenwood Farms: Their small flock, antibiotic-free turkeys are fed vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and grains. No animal by-product feed here.

Yorkshire Valley: Certified organic, these turkeys are raised on family-run farms in Ontario where they enjoy an organic, non-GMO all-grain diet. Their grains are never treated with chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides, and no animal by-products or antibiotics are added to the feed.

Now – let’s do the math!

We’ve created a little table to show you how to order your turkey based on the number of people coming for dinner and ensure, of course, there’s some for leftovers.

Whole Turkey Turkey Roll
4-6 people 10-14 lbs (white & dark meat)
6-10 people 14-18 lbs 4-6 people 4-6 lbs
10-15 people 18+ lbs 6-8 people 6-8 lbs
Turkey Breast Roast Traditional Bone-in Ham
4-6 people 3-4 lbs 4-8 people 4-6 lbs
6-8 people 4-6 lbs 8-12 people 6-8 lbs
Prime Rib Roasts Top Sirloin Roasts ½ lb per person
2 bones 4-6 people
3 bones 6-8 people Beef Tenderloin ½ lb per person
4 bones 8-10 people

We couldn’t resist roasting up one of our Turkey Breast roasts and a Turkey roll. Wow! Did they ever smell good! And they tasted every bit as good as they looked. Check out our little harvest table below:

Wait! There’s more yummm in store!

To round out your Thanksgiving meal, the very talented team at Tavola Culinary is making sure Fiesta’s kitchen is stocked with all the turkey dressings. There’s homemade gravy, orange cranberry sauce, and two tasty stuffing options.

Each stuffing begins with a base of seasonal herbs and a confit of onion, celery, and carrot. The ‘Classic’ style then blends in sourdough bread and mixed vegetables. The ‘Italian’ version takes the taste and texture to the next level. Guaranteed to make your mouth water, it features roasted squash, fennel, sausage, sourdough bread, and mixed vegetables. Cast your eyes upon the photo below to see all this delish for yourself.

Such satisfying sneak peeks – don’t you agree? : )

Alrighty – we are here for you. Let us know how we can assist in taking your Thanksgiving dinner from inspiration to total satisfaction.

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