Apple Cider Magic

From braised short ribs to doughnut holes, creamy caramels and spicy vinaigrette – who knew apple cider could do so much?  Read on for our encyclopedic deep dive into autumn’s nectar.


Apple Cider Doughnuts by Taste of Home

Apple Cider is good on it’s own of course. Especially mulled. What the heck is a mull you ask? Simply warmed cider with a few spices and citrus and a splash of dark rum. At City Farmhouse they go one step further and serve the mulled cider in hollowed out apples – with honey spiced rims!


Hollowed out apple cups, like these from City Farmhouse, are perfect for cider.


Now, go get yourself some farro. That’s right – the ancient grain beloved by Mesopotamians and foodies alike. You’re going to cook this crazy wheat berry right in the apple cider. I know, it sounds nuts, but it is divine. The resulting infused grains will blow your mind.

We’ve all had pork and cider creations – and they are delicious – but what about beef? Try these short ribs braised in apple cider in the crock pot. Just set it and forget it.


This is the only salad dressing you need for fall, courtesy of Love & Lemons.


Apple Cider Vinaigrette is a necessary addition to any self respecting cook’s repertoire, and this one from Love & Lemons is one of our favourites. Also, what would an apple cider post be without apple cider doughnuts? This recipe from A Taste of Home is perfection. And while we’re talking sweets, check out these Apple Cider Caramels from Smitten Kitchen – cider, cinnamon and heavy cream – who needs Halloween kisses?

Now if you’re going apple picking it helps to do some research first – what variety of apple do you want? Which are the best to cook with and the best to snack on? Here’s a handy guide from the Farmer’s Almanac to set you up for success.

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