No mask? No problem!

It looks like masks will be a thing for a bit 😔.

So on Monday, July 13th, we’re going to start selling the disposable masks (that we’ve been giving away for free since May 14th) for $1.00 and give the proceeds to St. Clair Supports The Stop!

Led by local business Cocoa Latte, the program raises money for St. Clair chefs and stores who prepare hundreds of healthy, wholesome takeout meals for The Stop’s Wychwood Open Doors— a drop-in centre that works with neighbours experiencing issues like homelessness.

It’s a win/win/win. That’s three wins. Count ’em:

  1. Protect others with a mask
  2. Support local businesses
  3. Help neighbours most deeply impacted by COVID-19

Troll Break: A Recipe To Soothe


The trolls are out in force this summer. These times are wild and crazy and the perfect breeding ground for malevolent online trolls. While innocently scrolling through cat memes, or slideshows of gardens bursting with blooms there is no escape from trolls – they are everywhere. Even on our own facebook page. We’re a grocery store! Leave us alone trolls! Go spread your ill will and angry vibes somewhere else.

Just for a moment, let’s take a break from all the trolls and the anger and confusion of life during Covid and get back to what we all love: food. Continue »

Wild Canadian Ingredients

Wild pawpaws grow in the Lake Erie and Niagara regions


This summer has seen a huge rise in home gardening and preserving, in large part due to all of us being stuck at home, but also because we’ve been forced to think about our food systems and how we source what we eat. It feels like we’re more connected to what we eat than ever before. To that end we wanted to send a shout out to one of our favourite suppliers of foraged wild Canadian ingredients. Continue »

COVID-19 Update

Howdy, y’all.

It’s been a minute.

A lot has happened.

Not much has changed.

But we DO have some news about:

  1. Hours: Closed for the Civic Holiday Monday, August 3rd
  2. Eat Ontario: Bounty bordering on obscenity is upon us
  3. Bottle Drive: August 12th: Proceeds go to St. Clair Supports the Stop
  4. Plastic Bags: Tired | Reusable Bags: Wired

1. We’re taking a much needed and well-deserved day-off on Monday

Some of us will watch the Raptors play the Heat at 1:30PM. Or do nothing. Some of us will definitely do nothing. Some will hop on social media and wonder where the day went. Whatever, please plan ahead because we won’t be here.

2. Ontario bounty in full effect:

  • We’re talking veggies: Heirloom & field tomatoes🍅, peppers🌶, collards, kale🥬, swiss chard, beets, lettuce, beans, eggplants🍆, zucchini, patty pans, corn, bunch carrot🥕, green onions, bunch radishes, celery, dandelion, broccoli🥦, cauliflower and potatoes🥔–it’s all happening!
  • Fruit more you’re thing?: How do fresh Ontario peaches🍑, nectarines, yellow plums, strawberries🍓, apricots, cherries🍒, blueberries, wild-blueberries (the kind you don’t bring home to mother), raspberries, sugar baby melon, watermelon🍉, and cantaloupe sound🍈?

3. Another Bottle Drive: August 12th

Proceeds will continue to go to St. Clair Supports the Stop, the program that pays local restaurants to cook meals for neighbours in need, distributed through Wychwood Open Door.

Please bring items for the Bottle Drive to the designated area outside at the front of the store.

Thank you in advance for not bringing them inside!

4. Plastic bag news

Now that it seems like surfaces are less of a problem we’d like to resume protecting the planet.
Beginning after the long weekend, we’d like to welcome back reusable bags and bundle buggies, with caveats!:
  • Please don’t use your bag or cart for shopping, use a traditional shopping cart🛒 instead. (Shopping carts help maintain physical distancing, among other benefits)
  • Please expect to do your own bagging (Sorry!)


Thanks. Please stay safe. And see you in the aisles.

Cooking Classes Taught By Refugees

Nigerian Egusi Soup photo courtesy The Dream Africa


We are justifiably proud about the diversity of this city and regularly boast about the wealth of ingredients from all over the world that we are able to access readily. But just because we can buy these ingredients doesn’t necessarily mean we know how best to cook with them. Today we want to highlight a new initiative by one of this city’s most beloved charity organizations – one that delves into world cuisine with delicious recipes taught by refugees from their home countries.  Continue »

Volunteering During COVID

“I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands.  You need to be able to throw something back.” – Maya Angelou



As we watch the numbers each day and hope for a break in cases, those of us who still have our health count ourselves lucky. And as you try to do your part – wearing masks, keeping a responsible distance and trying to adjust to the new rules during this ever changing pandemic life – you might be finding yourself wanting to do more. And you couldn’t have picked a better time! There is a great need right now for volunteers in the city of Toronto.  Continue »