Apron Strings 2013

By Ivy Knight

/Jun 15 2013

Just in time for Father’s Day we are ready to unveil this year’s collection of Apron Strings videos. This project is Hypenotic‘s baby and each year she infuses it with the fun, energy and excitement she feels about cooking and sharing recipes with family members through the generations.

“This year instead of focusing on the recipes we’re focusing on family relationships and the way food plays a role in connecting people. These are three beautiful and totally unique stories about fathers and their families and the role food plays in their histories and lives.” – Jodi Lastman

Here they are! Enjoy and make sure you get into the kitchen with your dad soon.

Jonah and Mike

Jonah Schein is an MPP for Davenport West and a passionate food advocate who formerly worked at The Stop Community Food Centre. The video features Jonah with his dad who, along with Jonah’s mom ran an alternative school and summer camp where food played a central role in building community.


Allen, Kate and Emilia

Allan is a Japanese Canadian who grew up in British Columbia. The cuisine he ate was a hybrid mixture of Japanese, Canadian and Chinese foods which were more affordable in Canada. Allan married a Canadian woman of British decent and they mostly fed their families typical “waspy” fare. Allan’s daughter Kate and his granddaughter Emelia make Japanese Chow Mein Sandwiches–a perfect blend of Japanese, Chinese and Canadian cultures.


Fishing With Dervis

Dervis is a third generation fly fisherman from Bosnia who immigrated to Canada when the war broke out in the 1990’s. Dervis and his family have found their home in Rexdale where they were able to heal partly by reconnecting to nature. Dervis and his family go fishing and then return to his home to cook the trout on the open grill.