A Duck Feast For Spring

By Fiesta Farms

/Apr 15 2022

For the first holiday weekend of April we need something more than a chicken, something sprightlier than a turkey. But what? Duck of course. Duck is the quintessential bird for spring.

The recipe comes from the New Yorker and their resident queen of the mouthwatering recipe and hot takes on old classics – Helen Rosner. She takes all the mystery out of roasting a duck. No need for any extensive prep or high tech gadgetry. Just get two ducks, yes two. First though, we must answer the question, why duck? And Rosner does, with panache. Coming across like a Dorothy Parker for the poultry set she lays it out thus:

“Turkey is too holidayish, quail too fussy, goose too oceanically fatty, cornish hens too self-consciously twee. The answer to dinner is, more often than you’d think, duck.”

Duck is just right. And two are necessary, as Rosner says, “much of a duck’s weight is bone and fat, one five- or six-pound duck will feed only three people.”



But what about crispy skin? Forget it! says Rosner. What about a juicy pink mid rare breast? Bah! Just do what she says – it’s wild, but it actually works – and enjoy your no fuss feast.

“Prick the skin all over with the tines of a fork and cook it in the oven at low heat for nearly five hours, flipping it occasionally throughout.”

It is spring, duck is divine. What more do you need? Find her recipe here.


Ina Garten’s ducks, courtesy of Food Network


Now, if you’ve ever wondered what duck tastes like after it’s been simmered, air dried, and then roasted – we invite you to try Ina Garten’s recipe here.