Early May: What Can I Plant Now?

By Sarah Battersby

/May 6 2014


‘Princes Irene’ tulips, ivy and wine coloured pansies in a pot.

Don’t wait for the May 24th weekend! Although you must hold off on planting tomatoes directly in the garden right now, you have tons of cool-weather options to get the growing season started. What can you plant now, in early May?

  • Pansies. Yank out anything dead and wintry in your containers and fill with pansies and pussy willows.
  • Add a large pot of flowering bulbs to your outdoor display. Enjoy the fragrance of hyacinths, grape hyacinths and daffodils. The picture above show great combo of ‘Princes Irene’ tulips, wine-coloured pansies, variegated ivy and curly red twigs.
  • Plant roses, perennials and shrubs as soon as your soil is soft enough to dig.
  • Remember it’s too early to put tomatoes or basil outside. Wait till end of May. You can put tomatoes or basil in pots outside in the shade to harden off, but bring back indoors during a cool night.
  • Sow cold weather vegetables, like peas and various greens, spinach, kale.