How To Be A Better Customer

By Fiesta Farms

/Apr 29 2022

Kiki Aranita, a journalist and restaurateur, has advice for diners in 2022.

A new series of articles is offering a MasterClass for conscientious consumers. How do you send food back in a restaurant? How do you deal with a cheapskate dining companion? How do you tip in 2022? All questions we need answers for.


Kiki Aranita, a journalist and restaurateur, has advice for diners in 2022.


In “The Fine Art of Splitting The Check” Kiki Aranita, a veteran restaurateur and globe trotting diner (she namedrops TO for our progressive POS systems), has great advice for all of us. When splitting the cheque with a large party there are often hassles at the end of the meal- especially when remembering who drank what. Rather than tussle over who sipped the most martinis, save yourself the trouble and just talk to your server when you first arrive.

“If you want a bill split according to what you’re ordering, it’s doable but always let the server know from the start so they can set themselves up for a smoother cash out experience.” – Varah LK Kappatos, restaurant industry insider

The series, published by Food & Wine, includes advice for being a good hotel guest , becoming your server’s favourite customer, how to send food back without being a jerk, and many more. But one of the best tips (literally) comes from Darron Cardosa in The Fine Art of Dining With Friends & Family Who Don’t Tip Enough. And boy do we ever need some advice for that. With summer coming and family visits on the horizon, we need to make sure we don’t ruin our reputations as respectable restaurant goers in our own city.


What does Donna Summer have to do with tipping? Read on and find out!


When they reach into their very deep pocket with their very short arm to leave a tip, take a deep breath because you’re about to go nuclear and there’s no turning back. “No!” you shout. “This is not okay. Donna Summer worked hard for her money and so did our server. I can longer condone your behavior and I will not enable you any longer!” – for more, and softer, ways to handle bad tippers in your midst, read the full article here.

If the pandemic taught us one thing, it’s that people who work in food – from grocery store clerks to baristas, to servers and sommeliers – work really hard and that kindness is priceless, and free.