Labour Day Weekend Ice Cream Sandwiches

By Fiesta Farms

/Sep 1 2022

This is how you celebrate the end of summer. You make ice cream sandwiches. And you hand them out to be eaten in the sunshine while everybody cries.

It’s not the happiest time of the year by a long shot. Summer is too short and winter is too long and we’re just not ready to appreciate the autumn leaves or begin braising large pieces of meat. Not yet. Let us hold onto to summer’s magic a little bit longer.


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All right. Here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re going to make these chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. Or maybe these mint chocolate chip? Or perhaps coffee chocolate chip? It’s really hard to decide. Let’s turn to our hero, Martha. We took a vote and the best option is to make Martha’s coffee mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. Obvi.


Martha wins with these mint, coffee, chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches


But then you could consider removing the cookie altogether. Replacing it with, say, brownies instead of cookies? OMG. Or, as is the case at Toronto’s very own Barbershop Patisserie, house-made mille feuille! The possibilities are literally endless.

Top tip for making ice cream sandwiches at home? Always slightly underbake your cookies. The softer the better! For more tips check out this post from Cool Mom Eats.

One way to really narrow it down is to just come into the store and choose your cookies from our incredible selection, and do the same for the ice cream. We carry all the best of each; you can choose from Oreos to Evelyn’s Crackers in the cookie section, and Ben & Jerry’s to Mapleton’s Organic and Kawartha Dairy. That way you can make a variety of sandwiches.
Here’s a video to show you how to get the ice cream into a store bought cookie for perfect sandwiches.

Also, this method means you don’t even have to turn on the oven – which equals more time in the sun. Soak it up while it lasts!