Let’s Talk About Food Waste

By Fiesta Farms

/Sep 23 2021

Food waste is a massive issue in the world right now, and the new web series “Half Full” tackles the problem head on.

“58% of food produced for Canadians is lost or wasted.” – Half Full

Cooking with cauliflower greens!


The series dives deep into the issues of food waste – from the farm to the grocery store to the table – and introduces us to revolutionary ideas around what has become one of the biggest environmental issues of our time.

“The average home wastes approx 140kg of food per year.” – Half Full

Throughout the four episodes you’ll meet individuals, companies and collectives that are making a difference. From Avling Brewery to Rethink Resource, Second Harvest and Klippers Organic Farm, these are just a few of the many gamechangers profiled in this groundbreaking series.



“In Canada alone, we waste enough food each year to feed every single one of us for almost five months.” – Half Full

You might even see some familiar faces – Bob Blumer and Joshna Maharaj make appearances and offer helpful advice for each of us to combat food waste in our own kitchens. Joshan makes a brilliant green pesto with wilted cilantro and sunflower seeds, and Bob creates a frittata that uses up leftovers and showcases cauliflower greens. Turns out they’re delicious!

Check out the first episode here.