The Magic of Potato Starch

By Fiesta Farms

/May 6 2023

photo courtesy of Smitten Kitchen. You’ve gotta try these hash browns!

It is time to meet your secret weapon in the kitchen. From scrambled eggs to latkes, fried chicken, cookies, even hash browns – you need potato starch in your life. It can turn sloppy soups, runny gravies, and loose pie fillings into rich, unctuous sauces that’ll thicken up as they simmer. According to Tasting Table, potato starch makes “cookies crisper, cakes fluffier, and latkes and fried chicken crunchier.” And it has no gluten!



Everyone’s raving about it, from J. Kenji López-Alt making scrambled eggs in the New York Times to Smitten Kitchen:

“I buy a bag of potato starch approximately once every four years from Bob’s Red Mill. It will not go bad. I use it for latkes, too. It’s also phenomenal on Japanese fried chicken (karaage).”


from top to bottom: Tasting Table’s crispiest fried chicken, Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch, and Smitten Kitchen’s Hash Brown Patty



Her hash browns recipe uses just a smidge (1 Tbsp) of the stuff and it turns out the crispiest, most delicious, in her words “perfect homemade hash brown patty”. Here’s the recipe. And Serious Eats has a full on guide to this wonder ingredient, with all the science you need to understand the many ways it will improve your food. Grab a bag of potato starch today!