Matty Matheson’s Best Recipes

By Fiesta Farms

/Jan 20 2024

Matty Matheson is not just a chef and restaurateur and actor, he’s also a producer. An important designation, because as a producer, he will have actual Emmy and Golden Globe statuettes to put on his mantle, after historic wins this month for his show The Bear. His heartfelt acceptance speech went viral and now he’ll go down in the history books. No other chef has won either for scripted TV, and this particular chef happens to be one of our own. So today, let’s celebrate some of his delicious recipes!

Our hometown hero, who’s numerous restaurant partnerships include Maker Pizza, Fonda Balam, Matty’s Pattys and others, is responsible for some of the city’s favourite restaurants. He’s never pretentious, always wild, and most important of all, he knows good food. Here are some of his most notable recipes.

Six years ago he made Butter Chicken recipe for Munchies. At 5.8 million views it is one of his most popular recipes to date.


It’s worth nothing that the popular YouTuber Uncle Roger reviewed this recipe, wherein he, not unkindly, sort of tore it up. His review video is currently sitting at 7.8 million views.

Another one of Matty’s most popular recipes, shot in his former Parkdale apartment, is for fluffy pancakes. The perfect recipe for weekend brunch at home.



He’s big on pasta, and this recipe, posted earlier this month on his newest YouTube show Cooking’ Something, is definitely a keeper. Shot at the studio on his Fort Erie farm, it’s an exercise in beautiful, slow cooked deliciousness.



As if winning an Emmy and a Golden Globe aren’t enough, he also recently attempted a 500 Layer Lasagna. He never stops reaching for the stars and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. Congratulations to our favourite Canadian chef – Matty Matheson!