New Line of Hot Sauces From No7

By Ivy Knight

/Feb 28 2014

Toronto based hot sauce company, No7, is launching a new line of flavours and they’ll be sampling them at the store later this month (March 15-16th to be precise, follow them on twitter if you want a reminder.). We emailed the husband and wife team of Carlos Flores and Sandra DaSilva to get the scoop on what hot new tastes we can expect.


carlos flores


Sandra told me, “Carlos had discovered a passion for creating and experimenting in his mom’s kitchen. At a very young age he quickly took over and began making anything from simple meals to complex Mexican dishes. What was always served with every meal at the table was his family recipe for hot sauce. After making it here in Toronto for friends and clients he developed No 7 hot sauce.”

“How hot is No 7?” I asked her.

“It’s a 7 out of 10! Being a preservative-free, raw and vegan hot sauce it stands out to be uniquely flavourful and well balanced. No 7 hot sauce is hand-made by Carlos in Toronto, an original Mexican recipe to enjoy with every meal.”

There is a great recipe on their site for No 7 wings, an excellent dish to try it out this weekend.




Here are the new sauces. Look for them on our shelves soon.

1.  Habanero Original:

This No 7 Habanero hot sauce started the official line of hot pepper sauces.
Being the original and setting the stage for 2013 and the hashtag of #TorontoLikesItHot.
The Habanero pepper is coming in at 100,000 to 300,000 on the Scoville Scale but has been tamed with the addition of ingredients like carrots, cauliflower, apple cider vinegar and others, allowing the heat and flavour to be equally special in this Original No 7 Blend.

2.  Habanero Xtra Hot:

Being that the Habanero Original was much loved for its heat and flavour, we had a large request from fans to make it hotter.  So we listened here is the No 7 Habanero with double it’s heat!

3.  Habanero Garlic:

For all those Garlic lovers this hot sauce was made with our Original Habanero blend and with the addition of more garlic.  Great to use as a marinade or dip!

4.  Jalapeño:

A well known pepper but feared throughout parts of the world for its heat, actually comes in at 2500 to 10,000 on the Scoville Scale much milder than Habanero.  Being a well loved pepper we decided to present it to our fans in its most natural form and blending it with Tomatillo  (tomatillos originated in Mexico and is related to the Cape Gooseberry ) similar in taste to a green tomato.

5.  Jalapeño Xtra Hot:

As you may have guessed, a well loved sauce with many requests to turn up its heat.  So we did, Jalapeño Xtra Hot is double it’s heat too!

6.  Pasilla BBQ Sauce:

This blend was inspired by one of my childhood memories of a sauce named ” Salsa Borracha” which means “Drunken Sauce” as it is made with Tequila.  Taking this idea and the Pasilla pepper which is naturally sweet ( Pasilla is also called or known as “little raisin”)  and with a request for a twist on BBQ Sauce we decided to tone down the heat and give No 7 it’s first ever BBQ hot sauce!  Pasilla pepper on the Scoville Scale is only 1000 to 3999.