New Podcast Features Toronto Chefs

By Fiesta Farms

/Oct 27 2023

We might be a grocery store but we love restaurants too, and we’re inordinately proud of the incredible food scene in this city. So many of Toronto’s best chefs shop in the store after all. That’s why we were so excited to hear about the new podcast created by Not 9 to 5 and featuring some great folks from the restaurant industry.



The first episode of their podcast “We Have Lived” dropped this week. Expect stories about the complex lived experience of those working in the hospitality industry and how they are moving towards meaningful and impactful change. The 14-episode series features folks from Toronto, and our sister city Chicago.



Guests include Suresh Doss, Eva Chin, Ren Navarro, and many more. New episodes twice a month, on Mondays (ep 2 drops Nov.6). Check it out wherever you listen to podcasts.

Not 9 to 5 is a non-profit global leader in mental health training and advocacy for the foodservice and hospitality sector. Their vision is physical and psychological safety for everyone in the hospitality and culinary workforce. “Not 9 to 5 aims to normalize workplace mental health training, access to accommodations and healthcare benefits, community care support and resources for all.” Sounds like something we all could use more of in the workplace.

We encourage everyone to listen to this new podcast, not only for a deeper understanding of the restaurant industry, but perhaps, more importantly, for a deeper understanding of the human condition in general.