Perfect Poached Egg Hack

By Fiesta Farms

/Nov 13 2022

a pink plate is ideal for showing off beautiful poached eggs. Try it! Photo courtesy of Modern Proper.

Discover a magical hack that will make all stress about poached eggs disappear. But first you must let go of your own ingrained snobbery. Read on to discover what the heck we’re talking about.

Admit it. You have a microwave. We all do. So why are we such snobs about it? The microwave can be a vital tool in the kitchen. And the much maligned box is actually getting some chef  love these days. David Chang himself has embraced it!

Even we here at Fiesta, Toronto’s largest independent grocer who are known for our love of home cooking and artisan methods, even we have even been known to recommend it (seriously, it will change your breadcrumb game). It’s about time you did too.

Now that you’ve all had a chance to look lovingly at your microwave it’s time to get poaching. This video breaks down the simple method for absolutely perfect egg mcmuffin-esque poached beauties.



You’ll need a ramekin; ceramic or pyrex, no plastic. Crack an egg inside, give it a little seasoning. She doesn’t season hers in the video but you know us, we always say “when in doubt season it out!” Actually, never said that until now but it’s going in the lexicon for sure.

Crack your egg in there, season it, then cover with water. You’re going to microwave it for somewhere between 35-44 seconds. Consider this morning’s batch of eggs as testers. Each of us has our own preference for a poach that’s just right. So be Goldilocks of the microwave and figure out yours. Once you’ve got the timing down be sure to make a note of it – slap a post it on the microwave so you don’t forget.



There you have it. Give it a try and you are off to a perfect poach-y breakfast, with very little cleanup. Give your microwave a pat on the back and dig in.