Road Food

By Ivy Knight

/Aug 5 2021

Spam musubi makes great travel food

Who doesn’t love Spam & Eggs? Make your own musubi with this recipe from our friends at  CringeyKitchen.


This is the summer of the road trip. While many of us are flying, many more are choosing to stay put and seek out vacation travels from ground level. This style of travel requires food – fun, easy, convenient, delicious and packed by you, rather than bought on the run. Here are our top tips for your summer vacation road food needs.

These mini quiches from Taste.AU have a secret ingredient… Spaghetti!


Flying gets you from A to B quickly and without much need for food. Any snacking can be done in the airport or purchased on the plane. A road trip or camping trip is a different endeavour entirely. You can purchase snacks at gas stations and rest stops – but most of these options are fast food and junk food. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – fast food can be fun! But it shouldn’t be the only option, especially if you’re going to be out in the wilds for multiple days.


Baked Chimichangas!


Here are some of the best things to pack in the car for your trip:

Mini Quiche – with a twist, these are crustless and contain spaghetti noodles! That’s right, it’s time to try a batch of Carbonara Quiches.

Chimichanga – not the usual 7-11 variety, this is a fresh made chimichanga recipe that is packed with flavour and baked, not fried.

Sausage Rolls – made with ground chicken, turkey or Beyond Meat, this recipe is infinitely adaptable, and because it uses frozen puff, totally easy.

Musubi – in Hawaii this popular snack is available everywhere from 7-11 to McDonald’s. In Canada we need to make our own. Fried spam, seaweed, scrambled eggs and rice – could there be a better road snack?

Chickpeas – hummus is a standard, but how about a new way to enjoy chickpeas on the road? Try crispy spiced chickpeas instead. They’re delicious, easy, and definitely better for you than a bag of Doritos.

Fruit Salad – this summer might be the best stone fruit weather Ontario has ever seen, and you can taste it. Plums and peaches are bursting with flavour and that means the best fruit salad fixings of the entire year are at your fingertips. Instead of the ubiquitous honeydew, cantaloupe and grapes try white nectarines, damson plums, doughnut peaches and golden apricots.



These are just a few of the fun recipes you can throw together before you hit the road. Now get out there and enjoy the summer!