Save That Recipe!

By Fiesta Farms

/Mar 15 2024

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

How exactly did Grandma make her chicken noodle soup? What about Aunt Sheila’s Spinach Dip or Uncle Brian’s Clam Chowder? In a world inundated with recipes, the act of curating a personal collection has never been more crucial. At their most basic level, recipes serve as culinary blueprints, guiding us through the preparation of a dish. Beyond their practical utility, they do so much more than that. Recipes carry cultural, familial, and historical significance, making them treasures to be cherished and preserved.

By documenting and safeguarding traditional recipes, we ensure that cultural knowledge and culinary heritage are passed down to future generations, fostering a sense of connection and continuity. And family legacy aside, when you find a recipe that works, you want to hold onto it!

Here are some of our favourites from the blog over the years:

chocolate cake

roast turkey

chocolate torte – gluten free

corn pudding

raspberry muffins

chicken piccata




There are so many bad recipes online! Poorly written or just plain wrong. By keeping our own collection we can filter through the noise and focus on those that actually work. A curated collection allows us to sift through the abundance of online content and identify the gems worth preserving.



Furthermore, maintaining a personal recipe collection fosters a sense of ownership and identity in the kitchen. Each recipe becomes a part of our culinary repertoire. Over time, a well-curated collection evolves into a culinary narrative, chronicling our own culinary journey and showcasing our growth as home cooks.

Plus, it really helps in getting dinner on the table.