Saying goodbye to a friend

By Fiesta Farms

/Dec 13 2022

Our friend (and yours), Vito Caputo, passed away on December 6, 2022.

We want to take a minute to remember him with you.

Vito Caputo surrounded by Pigeons in a public square in Italy

Vito Caputo shared by his sister, Enza.

This is a great photo shared by Vito’s sister Enza. It captures him.

As our greeter, Vito was so warm and welcoming. He loved our customers, and you loved him back.
He took pride in keeping our store squeaky clean. For almost three decades, he was on standby to help, kind and big-hearted.

Vito had many passions. He’d gladly tell you about them on the walk to your car or as you packed a bike with grocery bags.

He loved fire trucks.

He loved to visit fire halls and was once given a fireman’s jacket by a local hall. Friends looking for a vacation gift could always bring Vito back a model firetruck.

There wasn’t a Toronto Maple Leafs stat Vito didn’t know.

Vito liked his disco music and loved to dance. He’d get you on the dance floor in no time.

Vito had a beautiful whistle.

Customers’ shoulders would drop as they entered the store to the song of Vito’s melodies. Mr. Virgona would just sit and listen to him whistle a tune. He’d perform the national anthem at Mr. Virgona’s Canada Day BBQs.

If you were lucky enough to meet Vito, you know that his small gestures of warmth transformed the simple act of picking up groceries into something more. His legacy reminds us that every encounter with another person offers the opportunity to make someone’s day a little better. It’s not hyperbolic to say that during his workday alone, Vito found a way to make hundreds of thousands of people’s days brighter. And he did it without trying.

We wanted to share our deep love and appreciation for this gentle soul with our community and extend our condolences to his wife, Rita, and family.

We miss Vito and cherish the memories and lessons he gave us.