Smashburgers At Home

By Fiesta Farms

/Jul 16 2022

Perfectly smashed burgers are created on flat tops in restaurants. So how does one create a smashburger on a home grill?

We’ll get to that, but first, let’s talk about the burger itself. Amateurs use any old ground beef. You’re no amateur.

You need your own signature beef blend. To ensure you have the best patties in town, look no further than GG’s Chef Rob McKim, who told the Star his secret blend (hint – it includes aged fat!). You can taste what a difference a custom blend makes when you bite into one of his amazing burgers. Why wouldn’t you want the same for your burgers at home?

Now that your meat is sorted, let’s talk about how to cook it. The ideal cooking surface is a flat top griddle, which is large, and just like it’s name indicates, flat!



The images above, from Camp Chef, show you how to griddle a beautiful smashburger with lots of onions, but this video only works if you have a griddle. Your backyard grill is not a flat surface, it’s a rack. And pressing down on a smashburger will just squish it right through the grid and into the flaming inferno below.

The secret is simple. Big Green Egg grilling champ, Captain Ron Dimpflmaier, is here to show us how: