Stay Calm, There Are Other Cream Cheese Brands

By Fiesta Farms

/Aug 30 2022

Western Dairy isn’t the only cream cheese in the game. Take a deep breath and let’s consider the alternatives out there.

In a devastating blow to cream cheeseheads across the city, Western Dairy has announced that they will no longer be producing cream cheese. BlogTO broke the news yesterday, and we knew we had to put up an emergency post asap addressing the situation.


😪 RIP Western cream cheese 😪


Tony Adessi is the Assistant Dairy Manager at Fiesta Farms. He’s been with us for 7.5 years and he is our go to guy when we need cream cheese advice. Which, right now, we clearly do.

And he had some very interesting information about everyone’s favourite spreadable cheese product. Did you know that when it comes to cream cheese, the shorter the expiry date the better? Let’s let Tony explain.


Cream cheeseheads across TO are freaking out!


“M-C Dairy is local and we carry a lot of their products. They do a high quality cream cheese. If you compare it to Philadelphia or Lactancia, who do ultra high temp, that’s processed more.” Tony explains, “M-C is not highly processed, similar to Western. It has very short dates because there’s not a lot of additives.” He recommends Elite Dairy cream cheese for the same reasons. “It also doesn’t have a long shelf life.”

Also, a Fiesta Farms customer, and cream cheese lover, gave a shout out to Organic Meadow Light Cream Cheese, saying “it is light because it contains no cream. [The] ingredients are simply organic milk, salt, bacterial culture, and microbial enzymes, with no gums or stabilizers added.”

Going forward know that the measure of the best cream cheese is the one with the least amount of processing and that can be determined by checking expiry dates. You can find M-C and Organic Meadow in the Dairy Case and the Elite is available in bulk at our Deli Counter.

To sum up the way in which cream cheeses like Elite and M-C differ from commercial cream cheeses like Philly. “They don’t cook the crap out of it,” says Tony. 

Chef’s kiss!