The Bear’s Chicken Piccata

By Fiesta Farms

/Sep 11 2022

Today we’re talking about The Bear, and it’s incredible breakout star – Chicken Piccata. Boneless, skinless chicken never looked so good.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard of, or perhaps watched in it’s glorious entirety, the most frenetic black comedy set in a kitchen ever created. The hands down hit of the summer, it was renewed for season 2 faster than you can say “oui chef!”. Here we have what might be the most delicious moment from the entire series.

Canadian legend, Matty Matheson, who plays the scene-stealing Fek (and is also a producer) along with culinary consultant and chef Courtney Storer, make the exact recipe from the show so that you can recreate this glorious dish at home.



Here’s Chris Morroco’s version in Bon Appetit from May of last year. It’s good, but the sauce tends to split when you reintroduce the chicken and reduce. I’d suggest reducing gently, then adding the chicken at the very last minute before plating. Or just plating the chicken and napping the perfectly reduced sauce over.

Chicken piccata comes together fast and requires that everyone is seated before bringing to the table. Of course, life being the way it is, that isn’t always possible. That being said, we’ve learned from experience, that chicken piccata is also delicious after having sat on the table for ages. It’s just really damn good.

But you know that already, you saw it on The Bear.