The Easiest Dessert Ever

By Fiesta Farms

/Nov 19 2023

Photo by Alev Takil on Unsplash

All you need is an empty pop bottle, icing sugar, heavy cream and some cold espresso. You are not going to believe what happens. It’s called Italian Coffee Cream, or Crema di Caffè and gets our vote for the easiest dessert ever.

First off, the pop bottle is key. It needs to be plastic, with a lid. To see the magic in action watch the video here.



Step 1: grab an espresso shot or a coffee from a moka pot
Step 2: add a few spoons of powdered sugar (coffee has to be cold for the cream not to split)
Step 3: pour it into an empty pop bottle and fill it halfway up with cream
Step 4: shake till it changes from slushing to slapping, then serve

To serve you take off the lid and use the plastic bottle like a piping bag and smoosh it out into a cup. Grab a spoon and enjoy. Check out this post by the Spaghetti Sisterhood for more ideas. Apparently this can also be frozen and eaten like ice cream. Haven’t tried that yet, but definitely planning to.