Top Ten Cookies For The Holidays

By Fiesta Farms

/Dec 17 2021

Not a single egg was cracked to make these festive Candy Cane Meringue Kisses. Photo courtesy Wallflower Kitchen.

Sharing homemade cookies is where it’s at. So much better than trinkets or knick knacks or gag gifts – cookies come from the heart. Plus they’re stunningly beautiful and they tell a story. Whether a Snowball from your Aunt Myrtle’s repertoire or a Melting Moment from the great grandparents – a cookie is an edible homage to the greatness of human achievement throughout history. Herewith is our top ten absolute best cookies for the holidays.


This simple cookies could be the linchpin of the entire holiday season. Photo courtesy of Sally’s Baking Addiction.


This is not place for chocolate chip or peanut butter or oatmeal raisin. And no sugar cookies either – we all know the sugar cookie is the base of cookie decorating culture. Therefore it has no place on this list, because it is the cookie from whence we all come. Nor is this a list for brownies or fudge or Rice Krispie squares – we’re talking cookies and only cookies, and the kind that usually only make an appearance in December. Got it? Good.

We’ve got something for everyone – the festive vegans, the salty licorice lovers, the gluten-free babies and the pearl dragée ballers. This is the cookie list to end all cookie lists!

Here we go, in no particular order, the definitive top ten best holiday cookies list:

1. Snickerdoodle – this recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction tastes like a “sugar cookie wrapped in a warm cinnamon hug”. Her words, but we agree wholeheartedly and will go one step further – because these are not thin like a sugar cookie but thick and soft, you will experience snickerdoodle perfection with each bite. Basically the holiday season isn’t the holiday season until you’ve tasted these babies.

2. Raspberry Macaroon Thumbprints – vegan and gluten-free, these delightful thumbprints from Oh She Glows are filled with a raspberry chia seed jam.

3. Crackle Cookie – how about a Salty, Black and White Chocolate Crinkle with licorice and almond paste? I know, it sounds crazy but that’s how you get to crazy good. Try it.

4. Melting Moments – not to be confused with shortbread, a true melting moment takes shortbread to a whole new level. The magical properties of icing sugar are the key to true meltiness. Also, cornstarch.



Pearl dragée is a must for the holidays. Photo courtesy LA Times.


5. Eggnog Dreams – from the LA Times 2021 roundup comes this literal dreamboat of a cookie that tastes like rum & eggnog. Swoon.

6. Something with Marshmallow – how about a kiss? A Marshmallow Kiss Cookie, coloured pink and scented with rosewater that is. Courtesy of the Globe and Mail, here’s one treat you don’t want to leave off your list.

7. Candy Cane Meringues – made with aquafaba, and piped out like kisses, these vegan meringues from Wallflower Kitchen are a candy cane dream.

8. Jam Sandwich Cookies – it just wouldn’t be the holiday season without some jam cutouts now would it. Try these from Martha Stewart – and if you don’t want to use jam, go with chocolate instead.


Let’s have a snowball fight! Photo courtesy Land O’ Lakes.


9. Snowballs – where better to find a recipe for this delightful winter cookie than on the Land O’ Lakes Butter website? Butter and beautiful, a bowl of these are a necessity on any cookie buffet.

10. Something with Peppermint and Chocolate – or more specifically Triple Chocolate Peppermint Cookies with crushed pink peppermint bark on top. Or Chocolate Peppermint Marshmallow Cookies, which are kind of like a Viva Puff filled with holiday cheer.


Happy baking and stay safe out there!