Toronto’s Best Cooking Newsletter

By Fiesta Farms

/May 31 2022

A one-stop shop for the food obsessed among us, this newsletter is way more than just recipes; restaurant recos, kitchen equipment testing, the latest cookbooks, food podcast & TV show reviews. All from a well traveled local writer with an excellent palate.


Takasaki’s latest instalment tackles a recipe from the hottest cookbook on the market right now, Colu Henry’s Easy Fancy Food.


Michael Takasaki is The Plate Cleaner. Whether he’s stomping dough for udon noodles or coating an entire raw chicken in All Dressed Ruffles*, this is the go-to foodie newsletter for those in the know in TO. Takasaki cooks from all the latest cookbooks – this week it’s Colu Henry’s hotly anticipated Colu Cooks.


His Instagram Stories are an ongoing cooking lesson.


A typical newsletter might include a post from the PanHunter (his alter ego kitchen equipment tester) on everything from cutting boards to nonstick frying pans. Or it could be all about his memories of udon from living in Osaka for close to a decade. Or a post about the fussiest roast chicken techniques. Scroll down to the end of each newsletter for a grab bag of cool tips and hot takes; garlic growing tips, Edulis adoration, where to buy the best local pepperoni, his take on Daniel Geneen’s YouTube show and so much more.


Have you watched Dan Does? It’s the best!


We love food and we love local, and The Plate Cleaner newsletter combines both. Check it out today. We hope you love it as much as we do.


*recently excerpted in People Magazine