What’s the Deal With Impossible Burgers?

By Fiesta Farms

/Jun 19 2022

Are they a healthy alternative to beef or are they just another product full of weird chemicals?

A recent article from Food & Wine delves deep into everything you ever wanted to know about the Impossible Burger. Looking at environmental impact, taste, and cholesterol…

The nutritional breakdown for an Impossible Burger is actually quite similar to that of a conventional beef burger. The big difference between them comes in cholesterol; beef has 80 milligrams per quarter-pound, while the Impossible has zero. Both contain the same amount of iron and protein, but the Impossible also contains macronutrients like fiber, and micronutrients like folate, B12 and thiamine. And then of course, one came from an animal that had to be fed for two years, then put through the slaughterhouse system. The other was made in a lab.



Have you ever heard of metabolic inefficiency? It has to do with feeding a cow food that humans could eat, for years, before we kill it and turn it into a burger. I’ll let Rebekah Moses from Impossible Foods explain it:

“The vast majority of our landscape is devoted to feeding animals; livestock. The best way to avoid soy-based deforestation is to eat a soy-based burger, because then you are not converting that soy through an animal that lives for multiple years… It’s much more efficient to go straight to the plant.”



This is all really compelling information, but it all comes down to one final question. Does it taste good?

That’s something only you can decide. We love Impossible Burgers and Beyond Beef, but we also love regular beef hamburgers. Isn’t it high time you did a taste test and decide for yourself?

Fire up the grill!