You Got This

By Fiesta Farms

/Dec 29 2021

We could take this space to share a recipe, or some meal ideas for another New Year’s Eve at home. But we’re pretty sure you’ve got it covered by now. Our customers have the best palates in the city. How else would we be able to source such incredible products?

We’re pretty sure another NYE at home isn’t going to stump you. So, instead, we just want to take a moment to thank you all for being the best customers on earth. We love Toronto and we love the people in it and we love love love this city’s food scene and are so proud to be part of it. We get to work with beautiful food and we’re surrounded by customers and staff who truly value it. Thank you for that.

Whatever you decide to prepare – black eyed peas for good luck, noodles for longevity, or whole fish for abundance – we know you’ll have a delicious meal this Friday night.  If you need some inspo, here’s a list of 15 foods that are supposed to bring good luck for the coming year. And if you’ve got kids, here are some ideas to make another housebound celebration just a little more special.

In closing we want to share an ad. Not just any commercial, this ad was created by Cheekbone Beauty and Sid Lee (the agency that coined “We The North”) and is a touching vignette to finish out what has been a pretty tough year. It won Bell Media’s first IDEA (Inclusivity, Diversity and Equity in Advertising) Award. Narrated with a moving poem by Zoey Lee, it’s worth a watch.

2021 is drawing to a close. We made it through. All the best to you and yours as we all say goodbye to this year, our hearts filled with hope for the future. Happy New Year!