April Fool

spongebob   High-spirited pranksters have been whooping it up on April 1st for hundreds of years. Historians are pretty much unanimous in accepting that, throughout history, most cultures set aside at least one day of the year where it is accepted and encouraged to “prank” your friends. Though the idea of practical joking has spawned numerous television shows like Candid Camera, Just For Laughs and Punk’d and hilarious tongue-in-cheek spoofs like the one featured on The Kroll Show.



The idea of setting aside one specific day per year to indulge your inner prankster seems to work for most of us over the age of eight. The ancient Greeks and Romans had the spring festival of Hilaria, (so now you know where that word comes from) a celebration to honour the somewhat mysterious and fun-loving goddess, Cybele.) April Fool’s Day, landing as it does at the end of Lent, is the perfect timing for a day of merriment and saucy, good-natured impertinence.

This Wednesday, April 1st, why not get in on the fun a bit? Research shows that the average North American laughs eighteen times a day. Maybe on Wednesday, we can up that to nineteen by trotting out some old classic pranks. Green food colouring in the scrambled eggs? Comedic gold!! If you are dreaming up funny things to do with food, try to make them harmless and not wasteful. Loosening the top of the salt shaker, or substituting sugar for salt- or white vinegar for water- will result in wasted food; it is slightly mean-spirited, and there is nothing practical at all about it; remember, it is a practical joke, not impractical! Here are some funny and harmless practical jokes that start in the kitchen and stay in the kitchen and will make your loved ones happy you didn’t give up your day job:


-Food colouring. Literally de rigeur for green eggs and ham, blue goo milk and blood orange juice. Hilarity: 6/10

-Solid Milk. Again with the milk jokes. From that doyenne of all things funny, Martha Stewart; simply stir a package of gelatin into warm milk and leave in the fridge until it sets. When the little dupes try to pour a glass, haha, jokes on them! Or just have it in their glasses, waiting for them. Bonus: if you use almond milk, or chocolate milk, you can eat it later as pudding! Hilarity: 7/10
-Tiny breakfast. Also courtesy of Martha Stewart; if your little one asks for eggs and toast, fry a couple cute little quail eggs (we carry them in the store) and serve with a slice of Melba toast. Tell them you think they grew a foot last night. Hilarity: 9/10

-Butterscotch Sundae mashed potatoes. Actually, it’s just mashed potatoes with gravy, but “scooped” into a parfait glass and garnished with radish cherries it makes a great presentation and has serious wow factor. Fool your friends! Hilarity: 9/10
For adults who wish to imbibe on April 1st, be aware that traditionally the pranks end at noon. Nevertheless, The makers of The Black Grouse blended Scotch Whisky contacted us with the following news flash:
“…this year, take a different spin on the traditional April Fools Day joke and trick your victim’s taste buds with something surprisingly delicious. If you’re the trickster who enjoys a day of devious fun with cocktails, we have an ally for you – The Black Grouse. This April Fools Day The Black Grouse is ready to join you, with unsuspecting cocktail combinations exposing his sinister, smoky side. The Black Grouse Blended Scotch Whisky is a peated version of its counterpart – The Famous Grouse. They say you eat and drink with your eyes, but we’re about to present perfectly balanced cocktails with bold character looking to throw your taste buds for an April Fools loop.




The Smoke Show

It looks like a peachy coloured, fruit oasis – but don’t let your eyes deceive you, it is actually a smoky odyssey. Made up of pear juice, lemon juice, port and ginger beer, you have a winning combination of tart, sweet and smoky taking your taste buds on a journey.

1oz. The Black Grouse Blended Scotch Whisky
1 oz. pear juice
1 oz. lemon Juice
½ oz. Tawny Port • ½ oz.
simple syrup
ginger beer

Measure ingredients, except for the ginger beer, into a shaker and fill with ice. Shake vigorously for 10-12 seconds, then strain into an ice-filled highball glass. Top with ginger beer and stir. Garnish with a pear fan. Your taste buds will never know what hit ‘em!” Hilarious, right!? As with any cocktail, enjoy responsibly, and have a fun-filled April Fools Day.

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