mask policy

As of Monday, March 21st, both the Provincial Mask Mandate and The City of Toronto Mask By-Law have been lifted. As a result, Fiesta Farms no longer requires masks to be worn in the store.

We understand this may pose some challenges for many who might still be in danger of contracting COVID due to age or weakened immune systems.

In light of this, we still encourage customers and staff to continue to wear masks in the grocery store. Also, please continue to respect personal space.

If you are uncomfortable shopping in person, our delivery service is available.

If you feel unwell or have been in close contact with someone who has Covid-19, please do not enter the store.

We’re continuing the health and safety measures we’ve adopted throughout the pandemic, including:

  • Sanitizing buggies, baskets, and high touch surface areas.
  • Closely monitoring the latest developments.
  • Requiring staff to self screen.
  • Asking customers to bring only clean reusable bags into the store. Kindly refrain from using them to shop and use them only at checkout.

Thanks for your support.