No mask? No problem!

It looks like masks will be a thing for a bit 😔.

So on Monday, July 13th, we’re going to start selling the disposable masks (that we’ve been giving away for free since May 14th) for $1.00 and give the proceeds to St. Clair Supports The Stop!

Led by local business Cocoa Latte, the program raises money for St. Clair chefs and stores who prepare hundreds of healthy, wholesome takeout meals for The Stop’s Wychwood Open Doors— a drop-in centre that works with neighbours experiencing issues like homelessness.

It’s a win/win/win. That’s three wins. Count ’em:

  1. Protect others with a mask
  2. Support local businesses
  3. Help neighbours most deeply impacted by COVID-19

Update: Here’s our official Mask Policy.

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