We’re currently taking orders from customers in the neighbourhood who identify as a vulnerable population.

Who Qualifies as vulnerable?

People we’re currently delivering to:

  • Are over 70
  • Are Immunocompromised
  • Have any kind of respiratory challenge or history
  • Have a disability
  • Are expecting mothers

Delivery Area
This community effort is available within an approximate 2km radius of our store.


  • Minimum 20 items. All orders must contain at least twenty items. Please check your lists/recipes twice–we can’t come back later in the day with three missing ingredients. And please try to shop for at least a week at a time. Two would be better.
  • The cost for delivery is $15.
  • Delivery is an emergency measure. If you’re a member of a vulnerable population but have other resources (e.g. friends who can shop for you), please use them so we can prioritize those most at risk.
  • Deliveries are contactless: To your porch, door, building entrance (Not apartment), concierge, etc.
  • There will be no deliveries on Sundays.


  1. Fill in the form by 1PM and you can expect delivery within 3 days (possibly sooner –🤞🏽no promises!).
  2. You’ll receive confirmation by email that the order is being fulfilled.
  3. We’ll call you to take your credit card info
  4. We’ll deliver to your porch, at your door, your building entrance, your concierge, etc.

Need help?

Assisted Ordering. If you have trouble with the form and could really use a hand walking through it, please call (416) 537-4004 and ask for delivery support.


  • Delivery Address

  • Please enter your first and last name
  • If you do not have an email address, please enter 'no email'
  • Please provide the nearest major intersection to the delivery address.
  • Where should we leave your groceries?
  • Please let us know about any special instructions re: your delivery (i.e. buzzer code etc.)
  • Grocery List

    Please use the following format:
    *Product (eg. Ketchup) | Brand (eg. Heinz) | Size (Slice/unit item? Weight? Package?) | *Quantity (eg: 2) | Accept substitutions Y/N(Note: If you leave this field blank, we'll assume substitutions are fine!)

    Please make sure to share as much information as you can to increase the likelihood that you recieve what you want.

    • Indicate whether you prefer organic

    • And make sure to let us know whether you're referring to individual items vs. packages.

    To add more items, click the "+" sign at the end of each row. To remove a row, click the "–"
  • Breads, desserts, snacks etc.
    ProductBrandSizeQuantitySubstitutions OK? (Y/N) 
  • Meats, sliced cheese, prepared foods, etc. Please try to indicate whether you're referring to fresh/sliced meats and cheeses or packaged.
    ProductBrandSizeQuantitySubstitutions OK? (Y/N) 
  • Fruit, vegetables, nuts, refrigerated dressings
    ProductBrandSizeQuantitySubstitutions OK? (Y/N) 
  • Milk, Cheese, Yoghurt etc.
    ProductBrandSizeQuantitySubstitutions OK? (Y/N) 
  • Beef, chicken, turkey, pork, sausage etc. Fresh and frozen.
    ProductBrandSizeQuantitySubstitutions OK? (Y/N) 
  • Salmon, tilapia, scallops etc. Fresh and frozen.
    ProductBrandSizeQuantitySubstitutions OK? (Y/N) 
  • All frozen items: fruits, vegetables, prepared food and meals.
    ProductBrandSizeQuantitySubstitutions OK? (Y/N) 
  • Tea, coffee, soft drinks, juice etc.
    ProductBrandSizeQuantitySubstitutions OK? (Y/N) 
  • Jam, nut butters, canned fruit, canned vegetables, shelf-stable prepared foods
    ProductBrandSizeQuantitySubstitutions OK? (Y/N) 
  • Flour, sugar, yeast & spices
    ProductBrandSizeQuantitySubstitutions OK? (Y/N) 
  • Pasta, rice, beans etc.
    ProductBrandSizeQuantitySubstitutions OK? (Y/N) 
  • Cleaning, bathroom, kitchen, laundry.
    ProductBrandSizeQuantitySubstitutions OK? (Y/N) 
  • By submitting my order:
    • I agree to being contacted by Fiesta Farms for order processing

    • I've checked my list twice -anything I missed will be added to my next order

    • I've indicated my preferences clearly

    • I accept responsibility for my purchase and understand that, while all effort is made to deliver within the predefined window, Fiesta Farms and its volunteers are not responsible for any damaged or stolen property.

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